Good Clean Goods

Our Story

We got tired of uninspired and juvenile male grooming products so we took matters into our own hands. Literally. As an avid essential oil enthusiast, Chris Ladwig wanted to create natural, organic male grooming goods that harness the benefits of essential oils and package them into something men can feel proud to buy and proud to put on their skin. So he set out with two simple principles—create products with clean ingredients and give them a clean design aesthetic. And thus, Rattlesnake Soap Co. was born. Made using only the finest quality ingredients and free of detergents, sulfates, artificial fragrances and alcohol, our products are, and always will be, safe, nontoxic and never tested on animals.


Our Promise

In all our time in the wild, we’ve never encountered a plant in need of sulfates or benzaldehyde. Not sure why other soap companies are intent on lacing their products with chemicals, but we’ll never put any in ours. Ever. Instead, we use essentials oils derived from plants because nature knows what it’s doing. So lather up and listen here, our soaps won’t make you sexier. But they will make you feel fresh, clean and ready to face the day. You have our word.